Aiyuung CMS

Aiyuung CMS (Content Management System) is a software that is made especially for managing content.

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We were using various open source software to manage the content of the website for many years. In our experience of building hundreds of websites, we still have problems for both developers and users.

We created frameworks, plugins, and also templates only for that many various open source software to make it easy for our development. But, we still always have such as things to repeat again and again.

We have made it simple the admin panel on that open source software. But, that was still hard to use for our users.

  • Fredrikus Suarezsaga

    Fredrikus Suarezsaga

    Business Development

    An exclusive website should be in exclusive CMS.
  • Willy Brodus Himang

    Willy Brodus Himang

    Art Director

    A CMS should be easy to use, and simple.
  • Aristo Rinjuang

    Aristo Rinjuang

    Software Architect

    A CMS should focus on managing content.

That was why we decided to build a software that is made especially for managing content. Here are the goals:

  • Focus on managing content.
  • Easy to use.
  • Exclusive. Without plugins and templates.
  • Fast.
  • Responsive on any web browsers and any devices.
  • Familiar with search engines and social media.
  • Easy to develop.
Aiyuung CMS (Mobile) - Login
The interface of the login page.
Aiyuung CMS (Mobile) - Articles
The interface of the articles page.
Aiyuung CMS (Mobile) - New post
The interface of the new post page.
Aiyuung CMS (Mobile) - Profile
The interface of the profile page.

Logo, color, and fonts on pictures are just for example. Those can be customized.

Are you interested in Aiyuung CMS? Feel free to call us at 0852-4584-2959.